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Business of Producing Screen Content


Successful productions are often dependent on what stage the business factors are initiated and how well the primary tasks of securing copyright, negotiating and financing are executed. The producer has to be able to bring all of the pertinent facts together; keep an eye on the big picture of the whole production; and juggle the various elements to ensure they all stay together for however long it takes to complete.

This intense workshop with case studies focus is on business strategies for producing screen content including: The critical importance legal advice plays in negotiating intellectual property rights, executing above-the-line contracts  and gaining insight as to why contingent deals should be based on the producer's share of revenues Bringing ‘production surety’ to a project. Why the production company and its executives’ financial reputations will have bearing on a successful due diligence test and the impact lack of ‘due diligence’ will have on the production ability to finance and insure productions.


In addition, the workshop will address the critical task of maintaining legal and financial control so as not to hinder production starts, cash inflow, the ability to complete final closings and the collection of financing holdbacks and tax credits.

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