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Producing Documentaries

This workshop with case studies takes participants through the various stages of making a documentary, from concept to financing through production, post-production, delivery and distribution.


Participants will discuss the proposal, research and development, the documentary treatment, ownership, life rights and the insurable pitfall of wild shooting, financing, production schedule, the budget, insurance and production surety aka/completion guaranty, the critical relationship between producer and director, getting into the field, clearances, post-production budgets, and the importance of transcription as an efficient editing tool.


This lecture-based workshop, with handouts, provides an overview of how to finance factual programming, big or low budget, in today’s multi-platform environment.


Case Study Docs

1. Made In Canada 

    Director: Scott Boyd
    Producer/Writer Marva Ollivierre

    Associated Producer, Orla Garriques


2. Secret Trial 5 

    Director/Writer: Amar Wala

    Producers: Noah Bingham &
    Amar Wala, Coproducer Madeleine          Cohen

3. The Apology

     Director, DOP, Writer: Tiffany Hsiung

     Producer: Anita Lee, NFB,

     Associated Producer Chris Kang

4. Inner City Films: Skin Deep

    Director: Alfons Adetuyi

    Producers: Alfons & Amos                        Adetuyi, Marva Ollivierre  

Case studies on various forms of documentaries (reality & factual) in and out of Canada Treaty Co-production  


Got questions on Producing Documentaries? BARB have answers and if not, BARB will help you find answers.

Private consultation available – Minimum 2Hrs

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