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Starting a Production Company


The workshop is designed as a broad introduction for those interested in: starting their own production company, cultivating and building their media producer intelligence, planning a shoot and/or selling their skills as a freelancer and indie-producer providing production services to the media industry.


The workshop will provide clarity on corporations, partnerships, single purpose corporations, when and if it’s necessary to incorporate, and the importance of performing due diligence on your personal credit history, company brand and all matters related to the government such as business registration/incorporation, consumer and income tax filings. You will also understand the important role record-keeping and bookkeeping have in manifesting due diligence and confidence in your management skills.


Other topics include what production companies look for in order to confidently hire the services of a freelancer and why delivering as promised is important to the success of your business. Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the business language of the industry, getting organized, understanding and building your own brand, and awareness of the various professions, consultants, agencies and organizations with the capacity to support your business and production aspirations.

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Got questions on Starting a Production Company? BARB have answers and if not, BARB will help you find answers. Private consultation available – Minimum 2hrs. Submit inquiry on CONTACT page.  

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